When tradition and innovation are one!
The shaped clay pieces are fired once, it gives the cookie (the cooking is done around 1050 ° C). This cookie is then decorated, there are three main techniques: On enamel, the biscuit is coated with enamel on which the artist has painted various reasons, the product is cooked and then give the finished product. This is true of our sets "Serenity, Shore and Anger" (cooking temperature of about 980 ° C).

Under glaze, the cake is decorated then just apply a layer of transparent enamel, after firing the decoration appears (cooking temperature of about 980 ° C).

With color photographs, the product is glazed, fired a first faith, then just gently apply the decoration on the piece which is then annealed (cooking temperature of about 850 ° C).

















Une grande liberté d’expression !

Today, the "Ceramics of Cornwall, is about 40 retailers, which cover the whole of Britain. A collaboration with various artists "Charles CAMBIER", "Catherine NOURGOULLOUS" and soon "... Aurora". Already some collections that quietly impose the style of the company, with sets that break with the tradition of pottery Breton: "VGLM the cry of the gull".



For collections "traditional VGLM The cry of gulls, the bowls first, we use a mix of two techniques, the blue sponges, nets are hand made in enamel, the decor is done with him for chromo. céramiqes of Cornwall - 1st Producer bowls names in Britain


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